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Board of Directors ,Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Executive Officers

As of June 26, 2017

Members of the Board
Position Name
Representative Director Toru Moriyama
Director Daiichiro Suzuki
Director Toshiki Furuya
Director Yoshihiko Sugiyama
Director Koichi Enomoto
Director Shinsaku Mori
Director Takashi Onose
Director Yutaka Kyoya
Director Tamaki Kakizaki
Director Nobuyuki Teshima
Senior Audit & Supervisory Board Member Kazuya Kawaguchi
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Takeshi Enomoto
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Seisui Kamigaki
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Yoshihiro Shimazu

1. Tamaki Kakizaki and Nobuyuki Teshima are outside director.
2. Kazuya Kawaguchi and Seisui Kamigaki are outside audit & supervisory board member.

Executive Officers
Position Name title
President and Chief Executive Officer Toru Moriyama  
Managing Executive Officer Daiichiro Suzuki Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer,Corporate Staff Section
Managing Executive Officer Toshiki Furuya Chief Operating Officer, Confectionery Business Division
Managing Executive Officer Yoshihiko Sugiyama Chief Operating Officer, Processed Foods Business Division
(concurrently) In charge of Overseas Business
Managing Executive Officer Koichi Enomoto Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Staff Section
Corporate Administration, Legal&Human Resources
(concurrently) Chief Compliance Officer
(concurrently) Division COO, Corporate Planning Division
Managing Executive Officer Shinsaku Mori Chief Operating Officer, Liquor Business Division
Managing Executive Officer Takashi Onose Chief Operating Officer, Frozen & Chilled Foods Business Division
(concurrently) In charge of Delicatessen & Food Service
Managing Executive Officer Eiji Nakagawa General Manager, Hokkaido Branch
Managing Executive Officer Yasuo Yamamoto General Manager, Kansai Branch
Executive Officer Masahiro Hara Division COO,Marketing Division
(concurrently) Group Manager, Strategic Research Institute
Executive Officer Yoichi Ichiura Co., Ltd. MS Sikoku President (concurrently) Chief Executive Officer
Executive Officer Nobuhiko Sakurai Division COO, Finance & Accounting Support Division
Executive Officer Michihiro Taniguchi Division COO, Information System Division
(concurrently) Group Manager, Digital Technology Utilization Promotion Office
Executive Officer Kazunori Hashimoto Group Manager, Strategic Planning Office, Liquor Business Division
Executive Officer Shinsuke Sekihara Senior Assistant to Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Staff Section
(concurrently) Group Manager, Asset Management Office
Executive Officer Takatoshi Kondo General Manager, Chubu Branch
Executive Officer Yoshihumi Yamaguchi General Manager, Tohoku Branch
Executive Officer Takashi Okumura Division COO, NC Division
Executive Officer Hirohide Hosoda General Manager, Chushikoku Branch